Jonathan Thurman



Jonathan has had a passion for software development and system administration for over 20 years. He is currently a Linux Systems Engineer at NWEA in Portland, Oregon.

Previously Jonathan was the Senior Communications Engineer at NWRESD where he designed, implemented and supported Open Source communication systems for schools.

When not working, Jonathan enjoys spending time with his family and volunteering as a Fire Fighter / EMT in his local community. His hobbies include writing code, brewing beer, amateur radio, metalworking, and collecting hobbies.

Sessions for this user

* Fast VoIP: Build Your Own Asterisk Server in Less Than an Hour

Methods of communication are constantly evolving, and traditional phone systems can not keep up. Open source phone systems allow for infinite possibilities for customizing the way we interact with each other. This session will walk through setting up your own Asterisk IP PBX from bare-metal to making calls.
Jonathan Thurman