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James Turnbull

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James is an author and open source geek. James authored the first (and thus far only) book about Puppet. He is also the author of three other books including Pro Linux System Administration, Pro Nagios 2.0, and Hardening Linux.

For a real job, James is Director of Operations for Puppet Labs. He likes food, wine, books, photography and cats. He is not overly keen on long walks on the beach and holding hands.

Open Source Bridge 2011 Birds of a Feather

Sessions for this user

* DevOps, Cloud, Automation and more! (Part 1 of 2)

Lightning talks and discussions on devops best practices, cloud infrastructures, and automation tools.
Igal Koshevoy, James Turnbull, James Loope

Open Source Bridge 2010

Proposals for this user

* Behaviour Driven Infrastructure

Does Behaviour Driven Development have a role in the infrastructure world? Enter Behaviour Driven Infrastructure where systems administrators can apply BDD principles to make infrastructure management more powerful, more insightful and deliver more value to their customers.
Cooking 2010-03-25 23:22:35 +0000
James Turnbull

Open Source Bridge 2009 Birds of a Feather

Sessions for this user

* Puppet Q&A

Ask the main Puppet developers about the state of the software, its roadmap, or anything else you're interested in.
Luke Kanies, James Turnbull

Open Source Bridge 2009

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* Configuration Management Panel

Configuration management tools are finally coming into their own. Powerful, automated infrastructure management is now available in a wide variety of open source tools. Tools written in different languages, using varying operational methodologies and embracing differing philosophies. Come meet some of the creators and maintainers of these cutting edge tools like cfengine, Puppet, AutomateIT, Chef, and bcfg2 and quiz them in the why and hows of their tools and the philosophies behind them.
James Turnbull, Igal Koshevoy, Luke Kanies, Narayan Desai, Adam Jacob, Brendan Strejcek