Daniel Nichter

Daniel Nichter



I am the primary Maatkit developer. I work for Percona which employs me to maintain and develop the 20+ tools—all written in Perl—which comprise the freely-available Maatkit toolkit.

I also work/hack on other free, open-source database tools and Perl-related code. Perl is my specialty, and I have varying degrees of experience with C, C++ and Python. My first exposure to programming was 1992 when I taught myself BASIC. I have since recovered from that experience.

I began using and writing database tools for MySQL in 2004, which lead to the creation of Hack MySQL. Since then, Maatkit and other emerging technologies in the MySQL biosphere have become my focus.

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* Maatkit Discussion

Discussion of all things Maatkit, hosted by Maatkit's primary developer.
Daniel Nichter