Chris Strahl

Chris Strahl



I am a Project Manager at Acquia, a commercial open source company working with Drupal. Most of my clients are large corporations or public-sector defense. Acquia hosts and supports Drupal sites, and also maintains a network of partners to develop and build large-scale websites.

I’m also active in the Drupal community and was one of the project managers for the redesign. I also assisted in the migration of all of the repositories on moving from CVS to Git.

Open Source Bridge 2011

Sessions for this user

* How Governments are Building Communities with Open Source

This session will provide examples of major government uses of open source technology, and provide some examples and case-studies of how government is contributing to open source and the web.
Chris Strahl

* Open Source Communities Panel

Learn from open source community leaders who work on projects big and small.
Audrey Eschright, Asheesh Laroia, Noirin Plunkett, Jane Wells, Chris Strahl

Proposals for this user

* Freeing Open Source from the Clouds

Open source is becoming increasingly prevalent in the cloud, but often it remains locked within proprietary SaaS models or complex licensing arrangements. This talk will focus on the ways that we can free open source in the cloud and provide value with platform as a service capabilities.
Business 2011-03-31 23:49:35 +0000
Chris Strahl

* Project Management for Communities

Project management for open source communities is often taxing and difficult. Many community initiatives struggle because of the difficult environment of volunteerism and a lack of dedicated PM resources. This session will be a set of two case studies from PMs within the Drupal community.
Culture 2011-03-31 22:35:55 +0000
Chris Strahl, Melissa Anderson

Open Source Bridge 2010

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* You Shall Not Pass: Managing Expectations and Boundaries with Clients

Open Source is great fun, even in the area of professional services. But sometimes, you want to be able to pay the bills with your awesomeness too. One of the areas of difficulty is setting boundaries with clients, even though you really just want to write amazing stuff.
Amye Scavarda, Chris Strahl