Melissa Hollingsworth


Just someone who’s been hacking for about 15 years, including 12 or so of SQL.

Open Source Bridge 2011

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* King of the Data Jungle

In this puppet show, a wise lion coaches an eager but inexperienced mouse through the process of normalization and (equally important) denormalization.
Melissa Hollingsworth

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* Postgres! The Musical

An animated musical mini-movie in which our heroine uses open-source software to overthrow the stranglehold of the evil head of IT, and finds true love in the process.
Culture 2011-03-31 00:08:16 +0000
Melissa Hollingsworth

Open Source Bridge 2010

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* Data Normalization, Denormalization, and the Forces of Darkness

Battling the minions of evil is not an appropriate time for cowboy database design. Your users' lives, and perhaps those of the entire world, depend on accurate and up-to-date data. You can't take a chance on duplicated data becoming inconsistent. You need a solid data model with little or no maintenance. At the same time, a zombie apocalypse is hardly the right situation to prioritize the purity of the data model over usability. Your users need answers fast, and their brains may already be appetizers by the time a dozen joins complete. How do we prioritize both maintainability and performance? A good DB admin knows whether normalization is the right approach for a particular data set, how far to normalize, and when and how to denormalize to improve performance. Let's hope the warriors of the forces of light have a good DB admin. If they call on you, are _you_ up to the challenge?
Cooking 2010-03-29 18:24:35 +0000
Melissa Hollingsworth

* The new schism: SQL vs. NoSQL

RDMS showed us the one true way to organize data, yet the NoSQL movement shows us how it fails. The faithful are confused and concerned. The heretics rally boldly in the streets with torches and pitchforks, yelling something about "doesn't scale," while the defenders of orthodoxy scream about the features and safeties these strange new gods lack, and do the apostates even realize it? As the philosophical storm brews, DB admins and developers must make fateful decisions that will affect the rest of the code's life. Here they will glean the first glimpses of the knowledge they will need to make informed choices and be spared the wrath of the database gods.
Chemistry 2010-03-29 23:17:58 +0000
Melissa Hollingsworth