Jayadev Chandrasekhar


• Extensive experience in creating highly scalable web systems and years of solving performance, security and internationalization problems with web/mobile systems.

• Working on creating the next generation Yahoo! frontpage , the most viewed web portal in the world, and creating a new platform for enabling creation of very efficient modules which can work with frontpage scale.

• Four years of experience with a variety of mobile and internet products at Yahoo! India R&D and Yahoo! India and Emerging market teams at Bangalore.

• Lead engineering teams for two complete products with aggressive time lines.

• Part architecture review for many Yahoo! products including frontpage.

• Graduate degree in Mathematics and Computer science with distinction.

Proposals for this user

* Server optimization for high traffic web systems using multiple retry and learning timeout patterns

A webpage typically will be as slow as the slowest request in the page. So if for a high traffic website like Yahoo! frontpage has lots of such possibly slow external apis, it could hold webserver processes and also effect user experience. Multiple Retry is a feature meant to optimize server resource utilization and efficiently use webserver processes/threads.
Chemistry 2010-03-26 18:24:10 +0000
Jayadev Chandrasekhar