Mark Frischmuth

Mark Frischmuth



A Certified Financial Planner and pension consultant by day, Mark scratches his philanthropic itch by bootstrapping DemocracyLab – a venture philanthropy project aiming to use open source software and principles to transform the nature of political dialogue.

Open Source Bridge 2011

Proposals for this user

* Infrastructure for 21st Century Citizenship

Oregon faces big problems, and new ways of thinking and engaging need to be created to solve them. There is a pressing need for an open source, easy-to-use online platform where Oregonians can raise issues, identify needs, exchange information, offer support and resources, connect with one another, and take action together toward shared solutions that improve our neighborhoods, our communities and our state.
Culture 2011-03-16 18:32:08 +0000
Mark Frischmuth

Open Source Bridge 2010

Sessions for this user

* Transparent, Collaborative, Participatory - Grass Roots Implementation of the Open Government Directive

The Obama administration signed the Open Government Directive on its first day in office, promising to make government more collaborative, transparent and participatory. This panel will explore nongovernmental projects currently underway throughout the US and world that aim to forward this vision.
Mark Frischmuth