Jacinta Richardson

Jacinta Richardson

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Jacinta Richardson is managing director of Perl Training Australia, with
more than a decade of experience in teaching, software engineering and
technical writing. She maintains the very popular Perl Training Australia “Perl Tips” newsletter and course notes, and was a technical editor for Dr Damian Conroy’s Perl Best Practices book and Kieren Diment and Matt Trout’s The Definitive Guide to Catalyst. Jacinta has been instrumental in the organisation of the Australian Open Source Developers’ Conference 2004-2009, linux.conf.au 2008 and the Australian System Administrators conference 2008-2009.

Jacinta is an internationally acclaimed conference speaker, and a regular presenter at Perl Mongers and other technical user groups throughout Australia. Jacinta is passionate about increasing the participation of women in Open Source Software.

In 2008 Jacinta received the prestigious White Camel award for her outstanding contributions to the Perl community. In her spare time Jacinta enjoys scuba diving, cycling, and baking.

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* Teach your class to fish, and they'll have food for a lifetime.

You have so much you want to teach, how do you structure it so that your training course is both interesting and challenging? How much theory can you squeeze into an hour before your attendees have forgotten where you started? How do you structure your course to account for classes which move slower or faster than average? This talk will cover all of these answers and more.
Jacinta Richardson

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* Running an open source training business

Starting a business is easy. Starting a successful business is only a little bit harder. But how do you keep an open source training business going and making money when the shine has worn off and it's now just hard work?
Business 2010-03-25 13:03:04 +0000
Jacinta Richardson