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Sarah Sharp is a Linux Kernel hacker at Intel’s Open Source Technology Center. In her spare time, she volunteers for the Portland State Aerospace Society, an open source/open hardware group that builds amateur rockets. Sarah is also a member of Portland’s Code ’N Splode group.

Sarah has used git in many projects for two years: her wedding wiki, blog, Linux kernel projects, and keeping track of her home directory.

Open Source Bridge 2013

Sessions for this user

* DIY: Creativity and Open Source

Panelists will discuss their uses of open source tools in creative applications, from design to art to hardware.
Melissa Chavez, Sarah Sharp, Cloƫ Latchkey, Cameron Adamez

Open Source Bridge 2009

Sessions for this user

* Advanced Git tutorial: Not your average VCS.

Do you know the basics of Git but wonder what all the hype is about? Do you want the ultimate control over your Git history? This tutorial will walk you through the basics of committing changes before diving into the more advanced and "dangerous" Git commands.
Sarah Sharp