Michael Dirolf

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Michael Dirolf

10gen, Inc.


Mike Dirolf is a Software Engineer at 10gen, where he works on the MongoDB project. He mainly works on client drivers for Python and Ruby, but also takes time out to talk about MongoDB – he has presented at EuroPython, Strange Loop Conf, ReR, RuPy, RubyConf, CodeMash and FLOSS Weekly as well as at various meetup groups around the world. He is currently working on writing “MongoDB: the Definitive Guide” to be published with O’Reilly. Mike received a B.S.E. in Computer Science from Princeton University. Born in Albany NY, Mike currently resides in New York City.

Sessions for this user

* Introduction to MongoDB

MongoDB is an open source, high-performance, schema-free, document-oriented database that is rapidly gaining in popularity among web developers. In this talk we'll introduce MongoDB and the features that make it great choice for your web applications.
Michael Dirolf