Rob McGuire-Dale


Rob McGuire-Dale

OSU Open Source Lab


I am a student developer with the Open Source Lab, and a senior at Oregon State University studying computer science. I have developed a continually-growing passion for open-source software, and hope to eventually work as a software engineer for a company that understands the importance of contributing back to the community.

I am about to move up to the Seattle area for a six-month internship at Boeing. When the internship is over, I plan to finish the few classes I have left to graduate, and then enter into the Peace Corps.

Sessions for this user

* Building Interactive Displays with Touchscreen 2.0

Touchscreen is a platform for creating interactive kiosk and dashboard displays. It powers presentations for visitors to the Open Source Lab's data center and the network operations center. Come learn how touchscreen works and how to use it for your own display screens.
Peter Krenesky, Rob McGuire-Dale