Chris Chiacchierini



An English major with a MFA in Creative Writing, I currently hold the following titles:

Director of Information Technology, Oregon College of Oriental Medicine (accidental techie turned college leader)

Founder and Principal, Oh Busy Weaver, LLC (web designer and crusader for unheard of ROI on small business web investment)

Manager, Peninsula Little League Mariners (t-ball division)

Sessions for this user

* How Two Fools Made Themselves Indispensible From Their Basement Office

Two unsuspecting university project managers became super heroes when they stumbled upon the magic of open source CMS and sold their vision to bring web design in house, thus saving the university tens of thousands of dollars, better meeting their students' needs for online information, creating reliable revenue streams and enabling departments to more efficiently do their business.
Chris Chiacchierini, Mason Bondi