Marco Tabini

Marco Tabini

php|architect / Blue Parabola


Marco Tabini is the co-founder of “php|architect”: and CEO of “Blue Parabola, LLC”:, a consulting firm that specializes in PHP-related knowledge products.

He is a frequent speakers at PHP conferences worldwide, including php|tek, the Dutch PHP Conference, Enterprise LAMP Camp and many more.

The author of two books on computer programming and the long-running exit(0) column on php|architect, Marco also blogs regularly at “The Accidental Businessman”: and is a frequent collaborator at “Macworld”:

Proposals for this user

* Flex from zero to hero

If you are tired of hearing of how Adobe Flex can be used to create MP3 players—and want instead to find out how you can use it to create powerful cross-platform applications—attend this live-coding talk and help build a *useful* application from scratch using Flex and AIR.
Hacks 2010-02-20 02:02:36 +0000
Marco Tabini

* The curious case of php|architect

How can a business that publishes twelve magazines, organizes two conferences and trains 2,000 developers a year in three different formats be managed in its entirety by a team of five people across two different countries? Why, through the magic of open-source software, clever hackery and a passion for great software
Business 2010-02-20 01:50:37 +0000
Marco Tabini