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Gavin McQuillan

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Gavin, a life long technologist, has been working in and around Linux servers for over 10 years at companies like Google, and public institutions like Oregon State University. He specializes in building infrastructure for a plethora of services, distributed systems, and scalability at Urban Airship. Gavin also enjoys writing, brewing, beekeeping, gardening, and cycling about in Portland, OR.

Sessions for this user

* Cloud Scaling: High Performance Even in Virtualized Environments.

Virtual hosting providers are particularly enticing for startups and new opensource projects, but they come with large and sometimes unexpected drawbacks. Learn what to expect and how to mitigate the worst performance issues you’ll face deploying your services in the cloud.
Gavin McQuillan

* Designing Error Aggregation Systems

So often we’re solely focused on the performance of our production systems. When disaster strikes, your team needs to know when error conditions begin, where they’re coming from, frequency, and an indication of the last time they occurred. Parsing logs isn’t fast enough, and email can’t keep up or preserve metadata.
Gavin McQuillan