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Brian Ford

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I currently work full-time on Rubinius for Engine Yard. I am interested in programming languages and visual design as both are essential to communication in our digital age.

Sessions for this user

* RubySpec: What does my Ruby do?

RubySpec is a project to write a complete, executable specification for the Ruby programming language. If organizing Ruby programmers is akin to herding cats, imagine what it's like to organize Ruby language implementers. We will talk about the history of RubySpec, how it works, challenges along the way, and the current status.
Brian Ford

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* Rubinius 1.0: The Ruby VM That Could

This talk will give an overview of Rubinius, an alternative Ruby implementation with a C++ VM, Ruby standard library, and Ruby compiler. It will also detail major recent changes like switching away from stackless execution and improvements in the core library data structures, garbage collector, compiler, and JIT assembler.
Chemistry 2009-02-16 18:18:37 +0000
Brian Ford