Narayan Newton

Narayan Newton

Tag1 Consulting/Drupal Association/Open Source Lab


Narayan Newton is a partner at Tag1 Consulting, one of the two leading Drupal Performance Groups and the founding member of the “Drupal Performance Agency,” a loose collection of the best Drupal Performance Consultants. He is currently working for multiple clients helping them launch enterprise-scale Drupal sites. Narayan is a specialist in:

  • Memcache Integration
  • Reverse Proxy Caching
  • APC Caching
  • Apache Performance
  • JavaScript Aggregation
  • CSS Aggregration
  • SQL Query Optimization
  • MySQL Database Systems
  • Linux VFS Tuning

Narayan Newton (nnewton) is the Server Coordinator for the Drupal Association and a General Assembly member for the Association.

Sessions for this user

* Layers of Caching: Key to scaling your website

Caching is essential to ensuring that your website will survive a large spike in traffic. With so many different forms of caching, how are you supposed to know what works and why you should use it? The key is layering your site with several forms of caching.
Lance Albertson, Narayan Newton