Sriram Ramkrishna

2016 05 21 19.09.01

Sriram Ramkrishna

GNOME Foundation


Part of Free Software and the GNOME Project since 1996, Sri is a core member of the GNOME Project. As a member, Sri has done a variety of roles including Community Manager, Director of the GNOME Foundation, and Editor of the GNOME Journal. Sri serves as one of the public figures of GNOME talking about GNOME and Free Software in general among the open source community.

Professionally, Sri has an IT background with over 20 years of UNIX and Linux experience, starting at the age of 15 when he ran afoul of the local sysadmin when he learned how to use the ‘cu’ command on an adm3a terminal connected to a VAX running UNIX.

Sessions for this user

* The Flatpak story - Let's explore world of a developer-centric Application Distribution!

Flatpak is a technology by the GNOME Project that runs applications in a runtime and sandbox. This talk will explore the shift in how applications will be distributed in the future and how it is lowering the bar of entry of hacking on increasingly large codebases like GNOME.
Sriram Ramkrishna