Chris Daley


I have been working in the field of Nonprofit Physical and Digital Security for over 18 years for groups such as Greenpeace and Doctors without Borders and as a private consultant. In this time I have developed and implemented Digital and Physical Security policies and procedures for nonprofit organizations around the globe. I have been passionate about Open Source since I first installed Linux on my PowerMac in 1997.
I maintain several Open Source software packages at my github account and actively develop Open Source software solutions for my clients.
Chris is based in Portland, Oregon, USA

Sessions for this user

* Open Source Security for Activists: Changing the world and staying safe

Staying safe in dangerous times is no easy task, especially when you're speaking the truth to power. Despite giving a voice to millions, the internet is now also a place of danger for those who try to use it to amplify those voices and make them heard. I'll be talking about by my experiences as a Nonprofit Security Advisor using Open Source tools and knowledge to help keep activists safe at the coalface.
Chris Daley