Kristen Gallagher

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Kristen Gallagher is the founder of Edify, a learning strategy consultancy that solves people operations problems for growing companies. Specializing in onboarding systems, manager development, and knowledge management, Edify delivers programs that are designed to evolve and scale with rapid changes. Kristen brings over eight years of learning and development and business partnership experience to Edify.

Kristen’s well known for her ability to translate between groups – users, tech teams, and non-tech organizations – and has led dozens of sessions helping people learn to teach other people pretty much anything. She gets git, writes a bit of code, and is just as happy in the board room as she is in the morning stand-up. Her goal for every team: get all that annoying crap out of the way so you can be awesome at what you love. Effective, efficient programs, events, and strategies are what motivate her, and in every project, she strives to engage teams and stakeholders to uncover the solutions for their needs (and often solve problems they didn’t know they had.)

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* Onboarding is Unboxing

A great product has a built-in “unboxing” planned from the start. It never leaves customers thinking about how to do something or figure it out. The funny thing about the companies that make those product experiences is that they usually don't give the same treatment to their employees. Let's start thinking of onboarding as unboxing - and start thinking of our team members as humans!
Kristen Gallagher