Elise Lewis

Elise Lewis

University of South Carolina


Elise teaches in a variety of areas including information literacy, technology, cultural institutions, and foundations of information science field at the University of South Carolina. She teaches courses to undergraduate, masters, and doctoral students in the School of Library and Information Science. Regardless of the topic, delivery format, or content she strives to provide an interactive experience that betters students understanding of their community. She also aims to make sure the students leave the classroom with a skillset required to be a life-long learner, and have some fun in the process.

Sessions for this user

* Making MLIS Classrooms Open Source: Activism, Service Learning, and Building Digital Community Archives

This presentation explores an ongoing project to incorporate digital repository building for community archives within a master's level library and information sciences classroom. The class taught under the pedagogical methods of service learning highlighted (and continues to highlight) the complex relationship between proprietary technology and archival 'best practices.' By reimagining this relationship, students were able to look at how open source tools and technologies better accomplished their desired outcomes to build a small-scale repository for their community partner, one whose narratives and materials were representative of feminist activism in the American South.
Travis Wagner, Elise Lewis