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Tim Welch



I craft technology solutions and create value for people and projects around the world with open source software and communities at its core. Web apps, design, mapping, data visualization, APIs, and sensors are just a few of the tools of the trade. I work across disciplines and industries, thriving in the space where people and technology collide.

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* #workzoneWTF: crowdsourcing policy change in PDX

Walk or ride your bike around Portland long enough and you'll come across unsafe sidewalk and road closures. To paint a clear picture of this issue, Oregon Walks and The Street Trust (BTA) ran a social media campaign collecting hundreds of photos and videos from citizens using a little tech sauce we whipped up. The pressure was on for City Hall to pass new closure requirements, which they did unanimously. This talk covers the people, the methods, and the open tech used to help move the needle.
Tim Welch