Andrew Weaver

Andrew Weaver

American Archive of Public Broadcasting NDSR


Andrew Weaver is a Seattleite and 2015 graduate of the University of Washington’s Information School. He is currently a member of the American Archive of Public Broadcasting’s 2016-2017 NDSR cohort at CUNY Television in New York. Previously he worked extensively with analog and digital A/V materials in the University of Washington Libraries. When he isn’t extracting metadata or trying to align azimuths, he enjoys reading books and skimboarding on the Puget Sound.

Sessions for this user

* How Open Source Audiovisual Tools Help Archivists (And You Too!)

This talk will hype several "homemade" open source video tools specific to the audiovisual digital preservation field built on broadly-used existing open source tools such as FFmpeg and mediainfo. We will discuss how these communities have grown to benefit the field of archiving and how we've grown to be able to give back to the main communities.
Ashley Blewer, Andrew Weaver