David Mandel

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David Mandel

Linux Fund


David Mandel is Executive Director of Linux Fund – a 501( c)3 non-profit that provides management and funding assistance to the Open Source community. He is also a founder and long time coordinator of the Portland Linux/Unix Group (pdxLinux.org).

Mr. Mandel has done consulting, taught college, and worked as a scientific programmer and system administrator. He is especially interested in Open Source GIS and in special purpose Linux distributions like Smoothwall, Edubuntu, ArtistX, GIS Knoppix, etc.

After years of working in an office full time, Mr. Mandel has decided it is time for a change. So, he is farming a few acres next to the Willamette River out of Corvallis where he grows fruits and vegetables; and maybe a little software as well.

Sessions for this user

* Open Source on the Farm

Most farmers don't use Open Source Software. Why not? Are there cultural issues? Are needed applications missing? Could Open Source Software be packaged better for farmers? Are there marketing and advocacy issues?
David Mandel