Jackie Kazil

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Jackie is a Technical Fellow at Capital One. She is also one of the authors of Mesa, a Python-based agent based modeling library. She loves data, teaching, and coding. She is currently working on her Ph.D in Computational Social Science at George Mason University. She has worked in finance, government, and journalism, with a general focus on public service. She is a co-founder of 18F, was a Presidential Innovation Fellow, and has worked at The Washington Post. She is the co-author of the O’Reilly book, Data Wrangling with Python, and she leads Women Data Scientists DC and PyLadies DC. She lives in Washington, DC with her husband and three dogs.

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* Open sourced tools for Agent Based Modeling

Agent-based modeling is a technique used to explore both complexity and emergence by simulating individual actors and their actions inside of a system. Think of systems such as the traffic in the city or financial markets where one actor can have an effect on the decisions of others until the system’s direction changes its course. During this survey, you will gain an understanding of open source software available in a variety of languages and how to get started quickly.
Jackie Kazil

* User-centered open source projects

Open-source projects often struggle with finding contributors and getting off of the ground. Lessons learned all point to putting the user first.
Jackie Kazil

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* I don't know what I am doing

But, open source got me here. During this talk, I will invoke my inner Anthony Robbins to motivate others to contribute to open source in ways that they may not have considered before -- by illustrating how open source has open doors in my career and how anyone can have the same doors opened. I am not special. I did things.
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Jackie Kazil