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Josh Berkus

Red Hat Project Atomic


Josh Berkus spends all day working with Linux containers in Red Hat’s Project Atomic. He was previously known for his role in the worldwide PostgreSQL database project. He also cooks and makes pottery.

Sessions for this user

* Bots Not Cattle

"Cattle Not Pets" got us to the first generation of microservice infrastructures. Now it's time for a second generation metaphor: "Bots Not Cattle."
Josh Berkus

* Kubernetes 101

So you've containerized your application, and now you want to deploy it scalably across a cluster. Kubernetes is your tool for container service management; learn how to use it.
Josh Berkus

Proposals for this user

* Full Auto Database

Why pay for always-on relational database service when you can deploy it yourself so easily? This demo-heavy talk will show off a deceptively simple high availability stack for PostgreSQL, using Docker, Etcd, Kubernetes, Patroni and Atomic.
Practice 2016-04-20 20:08:33 +0000
Josh Berkus