Sumanth Damarla

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Sumanth Damarla



Security Evangelist, Mozilla Tech Speaker from Mozilla Hyderabad community, India. Conducted series of events related to Web security.Part of Mozilla team which represented FOSSASIA 2015. Done a project for Mozilla Security team under MWoS 2014. Worked with former security developer at US NSA under OWASP Summer code sprint 2015. Invited as sponsored facilitator for Mozfest 2015 (London) and Mozilla Leadership Summit 2016 (Singapore). Invited as speaker for ITAKE Unconference 2016(Romania) and OSCAL 2016(Albania).

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* Securing Web by hacking!

With the right skills, tools and software, you can protect yourself and remain secure. This session will take attendees from no knowledge of open source web security tools to a deep understanding of how to use them and their growing set of capabilities.
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Sumanth Damarla