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Amelia Abreu is a consultant who works with technology companies to understand their users and implement trustworthy and innovative product design solutions. Past engagements have included Nike, Mozilla, and Intel, as well as startups and cultural organizations. She holds graduate degrees in Human Computer Interaction and Information Studies from the University of Washington and the University of Texas-Austin. Her writing has appeared in The New Inquiry, Motherboard, and Model View Culture, and she has been featured as a commentator on the BBC and Wired.

Sessions for this user

* Towards an Ethics of Care: Understanding and Acknowledging Care Work in Technology Companies

This talk explores dimensions of care work and best practices for acknowledging and understanding care work in technology teams, and makes the business case for considering all involved with building and maintaining technologies in strategy and planning. I explore ways in which to track the hidden costs of care work, and build a discourse of sustainability and inclusion around care work in technology companies.
Amelia Abreu