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Leah Hanson



Leah is a software engineer at Stripe, building tools. She previously worked at Google (making networks go fast), Jane Street (building tools), and Fog Creek (working on Kiln). She spent the Spring of 2013 at Recurse Center1, where she started learning Julia2 and wrote the Websockets.jl package3. Since then, she has spoken at several conferences, including Code Mesh, Strange Loop, Strata NYC, and YOW!.

1 http://www.recurse.com/

2 http://julialang.org/

3 https://github.com/JuliaWeb/Websockets.jl

Sessions for this user

* Inside Websockets

Protocol design is about tradeoffs, and if you pick the wrong tradeoff, you may regret it for a very long time. Any time you have one part of a program talk to another part of a program, you have a protocol. In this talk, we'll dig into the details of how WebSockets work and what decisions the designers made.
Leah Hanson