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Hailee Kenney



Hailee interned at Puppet when she was in college and joined full time after she graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering in Spring 2014. She has worked on various development teams at Puppet, all focusing on the open source core components of puppet. She’s passionate about open source software and likes sharing that passion with others. Outside of work she loves video games, tabletop games, bubble tea, and enjoying the outdoors. She also likes spending time with her cats Tali and Atton.

Sessions for this user

* Enabling Open Source Contributors at Puppet

As open source software developers and community maintainers, fostering an inclusive community and giving contributors the tools they need to succeed is incredibly important, but not always easy. This is especially true when you have a complex distributed codebase and contributors without a background in software development. Through our attempts to enable our contributors we’ve encountered many challenges and iterated on many solutions with varying levels of success. Our hope is that by sharing the stories of our successes and failures, as well as the lessons we learned, we can help other community maintainers lower the barrier to entry for contributors.
Hailee Kenney, Morgan Rhodes