Amit Trivedi

Amit Trivedi



I live in the great city of Chicago with my wife, son, and two cats.

Studied the History of Science, Medicine and Technology at the Johns Hopkins University. I’ve held a number of different technology positions in various industries like software development, finance, and biotech.

I have since settled into the Health IT field – specifically health IT policy, standards and interoperability between electronic health records, personal health records, and health information exchanges.

I now work with CCHIT (the Certification Commission for Health IT – I work with a wide variety of industry stakeholders to develop the interoperability requirements for the different certification domains and help conduct the interoperability testing during the certification process.

My interests revolve around improving the quality of health care delivery by advancing and making available information technology in the clinical domain. I’m also interested in the medical home concept, overall health care redesign, and how open source (software, community, and culture) can play a huge part in helping us all realize some fairly ambitious goals.

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