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Tara Horn

The Praxis Department


Founder and Principal at The Praxis Department, a consultancy that helps start-ups and non-profits drive positive cultural change in the workplace and community using agile research and participatory processes. With a Masters in Applied Anthropology and Participatory Development and over a decade of experience in applied social research and organizational development, I founded The Praxis Department in 2015 with the belief that everyone should be able to participate in the systems that affect them, and have access to work that allows them a full and meaningful life. I previously worked at Portland State University doing research, data analysis, and program evaluation for a range of clients, including university faculty, community organizations, and public agencies. In another life, I worked with community-based refugee and activist organizations in Southeast Asia on capacity building and organizational development, and even presented at Ignite Portland 5 on How to be a Refugee. I also served as a program evaluation adviser for Code Scouts and enjoy being part of the tech and start-up community in Portland.

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* Diversity in Open Source (Confirmed)

Let's share ideas, challenges, and solutions for the goal of diversity in the Open Source Software community.
Birds of a Feather session 2016-04-12 19:30:49 +0000
Alberto Roca, Tara Horn