Gary Rozanc

Gary rozanc


Gary is an assistant professor of graphic design at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and the Education Director for AIGA Baltimore. Gary also hosts Design Edu Today, the podcast series discussing topics concerning the state of interactive design education at institutions of higher learning.

Gary has presented his interactive and user experience research and findings at international and national peer-reviewed conferences including AIGA’s bi-annual National Conference “Head, Heart, Hand” and the “International Conference on Design Principles & Practices.”

Sessions for this user

* Open Source is Key for Innovating Pedagogy and Curricula

This talk will discuss how a closed loop in education—across all grade levels and disciplines—contributes to the stagnation of a profession and how an open source approach and platform is necessary to break the inward cycle of our current pedagogy. It will also show examples of collaboration in the creation of curricula leading to the generation of new, innovative pedagogy and review current methods for educators to open source and call for new methods and platforms to aid educators.
Gary Rozanc