Anne DeCusatis


Anne DeCusatis is currently a Core Engineer at Meetup. Before that, she was the December 2014 Outstanding Graduate for Computer Science at the State University of New York at New Paltz, and an intern with IBM WebSphere Test. In her spare time, she organizes MergeSort NYC, a feminist hackerspace.

Sessions for this user

* More Than Binary: Inclusive Gender Collection and You

Many people identify their gender in many ways. So why do we build systems to capture accurate gender information with a dropdown that only lists “male” and “female”? This talk covers why you might want to consider alternative ways of selecting gender for your users, a brief overview of the current best practices, the case study of the decisions I made when creating my open source project Gender Amender (a library you can help work on right now!), and why more work needs to be done. I'd also like to facilitate a short discussion during the time slot, so that we can share varied perspectives on how to improve the entire process of gender collection, and articulate the lenses through which we can and should view gender (e.g. “what are some other data structures we could use to capture gender identity information?”).
Anne DeCusatis