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Sev Leonard

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Partying in the tech industry since 1999. Prior lives include analog circuit design, app development, bike racing. Currently on an entrepreneurial vacation doing data science consulting, building, and investigating outdoor tech startups while transitioning as an FTM transgender humanoid. Cats, power tools, and preparing meat over open flames. Also puns.

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* Transpreneur: Tales of a FTM Transgender Entrepreneur

The primary reason I was able to make career pivots at Intel was due to my connections to the Women at Intel network. Through this network I was referred to career counselors, business contacts, and the technical experts I needed to move my career ahead. As an FTM, my inbox is still filled with opportunities from women in tech groups, but now when I see these emails I wonder if I will be welcomed or not. A recent email I received said specifically "if you are female please attend." As a person who now identifies as male, I find that my connection to the community that supported me for the entirety of my career is now becoming tenuous.
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Sev Leonard