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Andy Grover



Andy Grover is a long-time Linux kernel hacker, working on power management, networking and Infiniband. He currently works for Oracle. He also has a fascination with higher-level languages such as Python, which he uses day-to-day as a scripting language, as well as wielding it in his spare time to develop BandRadar, a Python/Turbogears-based local music site for Portland. He has spoken at the Linux Kernel Summit as well as on Python at LinuxfestNW, and helped to organize last year’s successful Linux Plumbers Conf.

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* Become a better programmer by bridging Ousterhout's Dichotomy

Do you know a dynamic/scripting language like Ruby or Python, but you don't know C? Diving down just a little can make you a better programmer in your preferred language! Scripting languages can teach old C hands a thing or two, too. Delve into the benefits of being a multilingual programmer.
Andy Grover