Nick Doiron


Full-stack web developer and mapmaker

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* Quantum Computers and Where to Hide from Them

After making the smallest possible transistors, scientists are developing new computation methods based on quantum mechanics. This talk is an intro to: what makes quantum computing special, how to build assembly-like instructions for quantum computers in Python and JavaScript, and how we could start encrypting data to avoid quantum codebreaking.
Nick Doiron

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* Green Screens and Fever Dreams: Fun with getUserMedia

JavaScript's getUserMedia API allows us to voluntarily capture audio and/or video from users' phones and desktops. This tutorial covers libraries and code samples which help you record and transcribe interviews, send selfies into TensorFlow, add a night vision effect, or shoot video with a blue screen / green screen background.
Hacks 2017-04-08 19:42:42 +0000
Nick Doiron