Barney Boisvert

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Barney Boisvert is a Sr. Application Developer at Mentor Graphics primarily using ColdFusion, Groovy and JavaScript, along with a smattering of Java and Flex. He is the author of the CFGroovy and FB3Lite frameworks, was a core contributor to Fusebox 4, has provided accepted patches to Fusebox 5, Prototype, Groovy, Hibernate and ColdSpring, in addition to building several micro-frameworks from the ground up. He is also an active member in local and online CF, Flex, and Java communities and occasionally speaks at user groups and conferences.

Proposals for this user

* Faster Development with CFML and Groovy

CFML developers love the language's capabilities for RAD application development, but it can get even faster with Groovy and full access to the Java stack beneath it.
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Barney Boisvert