Yoz Grahame

Yoz Grahame

18F, General Services Administration


Yoz does troubleshooting, debugging, web app wrangling, legacy untangling, hand waving, architecting, listening and nodding. He’s been doing it professionally for over 20 years. He currently does it for 18F, which is a new part of the US Government that’s trying to improve how the rest of it works. The end result, we hope, will be much more usable and responsive services for everyone.

Previously he contributed to such bizarre and frankly silly projects as Second Life, Dio, Ning, lots of Douglas Adams-related things (h2g2, Starship Titanic, douglasadams.com and the Hitchhiker’s movie), a lean & agile consultancy called Neo Innovation, some MySociety civic-engagement tools (WriteToThem, TheyWorkForYou), The IT Crowd and Limmud. His amateur wrestling name is “Dr Henry Metzger”.

Sessions for this user

* Debug Better: 2017 Edition

Debugging: the schedule destroyer, the confidence sapper, the mire in which thousands of working hours are lost every day. It’s time to stop staring at those four lines of code, desperately willing the solution to appear. This session is about the strategies that will steer you around bugs, tactics for dealing with them, and tools that can shorten a four-hour debugging session to five minutes.
Yoz Grahame

Proposals for this user

* Digital Activism at Government Scale

Government is huge, slow, and wasteful. You try to use its services, but they’re not doing what they were meant to. _You know_ how to make broken systems work. Join government to solve problems for everyone. … especially under an Administration you oppose.
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Yoz Grahame