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Dana Bauer is a programmer, geographer, and open data enthusiast. She’s part of the Developer Experience team at Rackspace, where she makes tools and leads workshops to help developers and technologists build amazing things with the Rackspace Public Cloud and OpenStack. As part of her work at Rackspace, Dana is able to devote up to 20% of her time on outreach to open source communities. She spends that time as a volunteer instructor with Software Carpentry and Girl Develop It and as an organizer with the Public Lab. ‚Äč

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* Open source collaboration for tackling real world environmental problems

Public Lab is a two-part project -- an attempt at large-scale community environmental monitoring, AND a massively distributed R&D lab for inventing new monitoring techniques and equipment. The community has grown a lot over the past five years, and we are here to share stories of -- and welcome you to -- an emerging FOSS culture that spans hardware, software, data, community organizing, and advocacy.
Dana Bauer, Mathew Lippincott