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I’m Technology Coordinator for a community based non-profit that provides free services and enrichment to underserved residents living in San Francisco. From 2013 to 2014, I also served as Innovation Fellow at the Children’s Creativity Museum where I assisted artists, makers, educators and kid-oriented startups in delivering hands-on workshops for an early childhood audience. I’m also a current member of Double Union, an advocate for the use of open source software in k-12 education, and a recent GNOME OPW/Outreachy participant.

Proposals for this user

* The Open Educator -- Practical Advice for Applying Open Source Practices and Resources to K-12 Hands-on Learning

This talk is geared toward teachers, informal educators, or anyone interested in engaging k-12 youth. It will cover common problems encountered when adapting open source technology and suggest ways to combine open source to other learning movements such as Maker Education and Common Core.
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Alice Rice