Thalida Noel



Thalida is a Mobile Developer for OkCupid, where she is currently working as part of a small, 2 person team, to refactor the mobile website to modern practices and styles.

In her spare time, she is interested in zine making, hiking, and camping. She currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.

Sessions for this user

* From the Unicorn’s Mouth: Stories of Managing Multiple Diverse Identities in Tech

We each have many critical facets to our identity-- race, gender, sexuality, class, health, and family background are just a handful of examples-- and the interaction between them can shape our lives more than any one factor alone. In this panel discussion, learn about intersectionality, and what the experiences of those living at the crossroads of different minority identities can teach us about what it takes to create a truly inclusive open source community.
Megan Baker, Thalida Noel, Nichole Burton, Lisa Sy