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Lynn Cyrin



Lynn ‘Cyrin’ Conway is a full stack web developer and writer / advocate. She founded the queer trans collective, CollectQT, and is working on Quirell, a social network. She sometimes does activist writing at Model View Culture. Her specialities include sniffing out subtle bigotry, writing database queries, and creating fancy navbars.

Sessions for this user

* Building Diverse Social Networks

While only a handful of social networks like Dreamwidth and Quirell explicitly prioritize diversity, there are plenty of lessons to learn about what to do — and what not to do — from Facebook, Twitter, and others. Best practices include counter-oppressive politics, embedded in the community guidelines and norms; and the right tools, technologies, and policies. This session will look at what does and doesn't work in a variety of online environments.
Jon Pincus, Lynn Cyrin