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My CS journey started when I audited an Open GL class in college. I understood little, but I was hooked! I switched my major from Philosophy to CS. For the past 7 years I have worked as a programmer in Java, python, and, most recently, Scala, in various fields from casual game startups, to photo startups, to publishing companies. I love the magic power programming gives where a single person, or great team can turn an idea into a reality.

Apart from programming, I love snowboarding, traveling, and meeting new people! The communities I’ve found around programming have been inspiring and wonderful.

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* Monads Made Semi-Understandable

The word monad is all around us. I've heard long explanations of it that seem to over complicate it or make it intimidating. At Hacker School one of my goals was to learn some category theory, and understand the beast. I finally got it, and it wasn't so bad. I wanted to explain monads in a way that would not intimidate people and that would so some solid examples so if they felt like i had before, I might be able to help.
libby kent