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I’m a community manager for Cydia (the APT-based alternative to the App Store for jailbroken iOS devices), working on help and documentation for jailbroken iOS. This is an ecosystem of open computing for closed devices, supporting a shift from consuming software to developing a critical and creative relationship with software. I’m a volunteer for OpenHatch, which helps new contributors to free software, and I’m a member of Double Union, a feminist hackerspace in San Francisco. I also contribute to Wikipedia and LocalWiki.

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* What is LocalWiki, and why is it so much fun? Let's edit it!

LocalWiki, a very friendly and inclusive cousin of Wikipedia, is a project hosting region-specific open-content wikis where a community can write about local topics in as much detail as they like. I've had a ton of fun with this recently, and I'd like to explain to you why you might like it too! We can work on some first edits together.
Britta Gustafson

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* Be careful what you wish for: a successful developer community discouraged away from open source

Let's say you want your freedom-valuing software community to be wildly successful - with lots of user demand, a viable way that people can make money from their work if they want to, a heavily international audience, and lots of young people interested. What happens if you get what you want? I'll explain cultural context from the iOS jailbreaking community that can serve as some interesting early warning signs of problems that could happen in open source.
Business 2015-03-08 08:34:33 +0000
Britta Gustafson