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Peter Herndon is a Senior Application Engineer for Bitly, where he works hard with a team of awesome engineers to make links short and smart. He builds backend services for Bitly using Python and Go, and our awesome distributed, pub-sub, asynchronous message queue system, NSQ. Previously he helped administer Linux systems for Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. He likes cats and t’ai chi, often at the same time.

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* Get the Message: Scaling Web Applications With Messaging

Go is a great systems language. Asynchronous, distributed, pub-sub message queues written in Go allow you to build really large systems. At Bitly, we built our business using microservices that process messages from our open source message queue system, NSQ (, and make interesting data available over the web. Learn how to build your own scalable web application using microservices and NSQ, what patterns to follow and what problems to anticipate.
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Peter Herndon