Stephanie Losi

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I’ve been in and around the world of technology for a long time, mostly behind the scenes. Right now I identify as an iOS developer, IT risk management expert and writer/instructor. I’m taking a year or two to travel and work on my own projects, after six-plus years as a Senior Bank Examiner at the New York Fed with expertise in high-speed trading controls, business resilience and crisis management, and risk data aggregation. My current projects include a software tool that allows you to program in plain English, a series of “Short and Sweet” courses that teach basic programming and technical topics, and a flashcard app to help people study for exams.

I have a master’s degree in information security policy and management from Carnegie Mellon University, plus a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University. Way back in the Internet Stone Age, I published my first website in 1996 and worked as’s first online section editor for computer books.

Basically, I love technology, love learning, and hope to share that love with other people. 

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* The Leap: Building Something Cool as a Beginner

The leap from learning to doing in programming can be terrifying. One hundred step-by-step tutorials will not teach you as much as solving one tough problem in code. This talk will present a process for taking that leap. And I’ll show you how I used that process to build a software plugin that lets you program in plain English.
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Stephanie Losi