Zachary Michael

Zachary Michael



We are two developers from Squishymedia looking to present together.

Zack is a fullstack developer who has cut his teeth in the agency world, on international education technologies, with net art experiments, and at a handful of web tech startups. He has worn many hats as a designer, frontend-developer, project manager, and backend engineer. Currently he works in Portland at Squishymedia.

Sessions for this user

* Developer and the DOM - A history of manipulation and abstraction

As web developers we see a variety of tools evolve every year that all claim to be the future of web development, but few people are as excited to explore the past. In this talk we’ll trace the lineage of the contemporary web landscape back to the advent of the DOM and the first browser javascript API. In doing so we hope to illuminate an often overlooked historical perspective on web development and explain why frameworks like React and Angular came into existence and why today is an exciting time to be working with the browser.
Zachary Michael, Gregory Noack