Zeno Rocha


Zeno Rocha is a Developer Advocate at Liferay, Inc. He dedicates a lot of his time traveling to show how awesome HTML5 and Web Components are, contributing to hundreds of open source projects, and creating tools to help developers build great applications. Besides that, he’s a member of the Google Developers Expert program and co-founder of BrazilJS Foundation. Prior to Liferay, Zeno worked as a software developer at Petrobras (the largest company in Latin America) and Globoesporte.com (the most accessed sports website in Brazil).

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* Why nobody cares about your GitHub project

Open source is hard. Everybody tells you to create a GitHub account and start throwing your code out there. Once you do, you realize that nobody really cares. In this talk, we'll see what you can do to increase the visibility of your work and how this can dramatically affect the quality of your project.
Chemistry 2015-02-24 15:16:27 +0000
Zeno Rocha