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Jeffrey McManus has spent nearly a decade as a consultant, developer, and writer. He has managed platform businesses and developer relations for two iconic internet businesses, eBay and Yahoo!. He was eBay’s first technology evangelist and led eBay’s platform evangelism team when eBay was opening its web services platform to third parties. He also championed new technologies within the company, such as corporate blogging, RSS, wikis and open source, creating eBay’s first open source developer community.

Jeffrey co-founded and led the Yahoo! Developer Network team, which opened Yahoo! properties to innovation by third-party developers and established the company as a platform leader in less than a year’s time. He and his team also created Yahoo! Gallery, a site that enables third-party developers to share their applications and mash-ups with Yahoo! users. He and his team were responsible for convincing Yahoo’s lawyers to release the Yahoo! User Interface library (Y!UI) as open source.

Jeffrey has served as a product manager and developer relations specialist at technology startups. He has written or co-written six books on software development. He frequently speaks at conferences such as OSCON, O’Reilly Emerging Technology, Web 2.0 Expo and MySQL Developer’s Conference, as well as corporate groups, on both strategic and tactical issues pertaining to emerging technologies. As a consultant, he has engaged with stealth-mode startups, established small businesses, local and federal government agencies, and Fortune 500 companies.

In addition to consulting, speaking and writing, Jeffrey also developed and manages the consumer document-sharing site He currently heads the Tinypug project, an open-source initiative that makes it easy to create collaborative online innovation portals.

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