Tom Martin

Tom martin

Tom Martin

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Strategic planner with over thirteen years of experience in web and business solutions development.

A diverse background that includes digital media, business development, business analytics, web development, software development, e-commerce, systems integrations, and the fine arts lends to the ability to speak the languages of business, development, and design. Most at home when the combination of those skills and knowledge are required to create a unique experience.

Always on the lookout for intriguing engineering opportunities that challenge the mind and raise the bar of excellence.

Takes great pride in being able to help those looking for technical solutions to real world problems. Infatuated with the idea of introducing transformative technology and processes to those in need.

Specialties: solutions architecture, business solutions consultation, ideation, systems integrations, e-commerce, user interface development, and team leadership.

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* Discovery Projects: Strategies for Defining the Opportunity

At a certain point an idea can become so big that you need to invest in a small project to properly define the big one. The objective of a discovery project is to define the goals & requirements, then narrow the "cone of uncertainty" enough so that the development process can begin on the right foot.
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Tom Martin